Brake Failure & Trucking Accidents

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The large size of semi-trucks, 18-wheelers, and big rigs can increase the types and severity of accidents involving these vehicles. One of the more common causes is brake failure. There are countless trucks on the road every year and they must go through proper inspection and maintenance in order to make sure they are safe to operate. This includes checking the brakes to ensure they work properly.

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When a truck driver or the trucking company fails to provide proper inspection, maintenance, or repair, brakes can fail. With the size of big rigs, stopping is already difficult enough, but with bad or defective brakes, it can be nearly impossible to stop in time when traveling at a higher speed. When this happens, accidents occur and victims can sustain serious injury. At Power Rogers & Smith, L.L.P., our Chicago truck accident attorneys work hard to determine if brake failure was the cause of the crash and hold the liable party accountable for your damages.

Who Is Liable?

When filing a personal injury claim, it is important to determine liability. This allows the victim to file a suit against the responsible party. When a truck crash is caused by brake failure, there are a number of parties that can potentially be held accountable.

If any of the following parties failed to check the brakes, they could potentially be held liable:

  • The Truck Driver: The driver themselves is the most likely party to be found liable for failing breaks, because it is their responsibility to ensure that their vehicle is in proper working order.
  • The Trucking Company: Trucking companies can be found liable if they failed to enforce or implement safety protocols their employees need to follow, or if they were aware of an issue and allowed the defective vehicle to remain on the road.
  • Maintenance Crew: Maintenance crews are required to keep vehicles in proper working order, and federal law requires them to keep detailed maintenance records in order to keep track of what work was done on a vehicle. These records can be vital when determining liability.
  • Brake Manufacturer: If the brake issue stemmed from the design or manufacture of the device itself, then the manufacturer may potentially be liable, especially if the brakes never met federal safety standards.

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