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Kathryn Conway formally joined the law firm of Power Rogers & Smith in November of 2011. Ms. Conway handles a variety of personal injury and wrongful death cases, including medical malpractice, automotive and trucking negligence, premises liability, maritime, and product liability actions.

In every year since 2014, Ms. Conway has been selected as an Illinois Super Lawyers Rising Star, a distinction that is limited to fewer than 2.5% of the attorneys in Illinois. Similarly, in each year since 2015, Ms. Conway was named an Illinois Emerging Lawyer, an honor bestowed on less than 2% of all lawyers licensed in Illinois.

Ms. Conway is active in several bar associations, and serves as an Officer of the Women's Bar Association of Illinois, a Chair of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association Young Lawyers’ Division, and a Council Member of the Illinois State Bar Association Tort Law Committee and the Young Lawyers’ Division.

Ms. Conway received her undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2006 before obtaining her Juris Doctor from Loyola University Chicago in 2011 with a Certificate in Advocacy.

During law school, Ms. Conway earned numerous awards related to trial practice and appellate advocacy, including: the Friedman Award for Outstanding Performance in Trial Practice; the Loyola Intra-School Moot Court Competition Best Oralist Award; the National Runner-up in the Child Welfare & Adoption Law Moot Court Competition; and the Second Best Oralist Award in the Welfare & Adoption Law Moot Court Competition.

In addition to practicing law, Ms. Conway is committed to serving those less fortunate. Currently, Ms. Conway serves on the Associate Board of Chicago Jesuit Academy, a non-profit middle school located on the west side of Chicago, as well as Sarah's Inn, a non-profit dedicated to providing resources to and improving the lives of those affected by domestic violence. Additionally, Ms. Conway serves on the Board of Governors for Loyola University Chicago School of Law.

  • Verdicts & Settlements

    M.A. v. Woodharbor Millworks, et al., 13 cv 6849 (2016 – Cook County)
    Trucking Negligence: The Plaintiff was struck and partially run over by a right-turning truck as she began to cross the street while on her bicycle. The Plaintiff suffered injuries to her pelvis and abdomen, requiring the use of a diverting colostomy which may or may not be permanent. Additionally, the Plaintiff suffered from symptoms of PTSD. The Plaintiff was unmarried and not working at the time of the collision. Co-counsel Larry R. Rogers, Jr.
    Settlement: $7,750,000.00

    Estate of J.T. v. M.C., 11 L 11030 (2014 – Cook County)
    Trucking Negligence: The Decedent was attempting to cross the street in a crosswalk in her motorized wheelchair when a truck driver failed to stop at a stop sign and struck her. The Decedent suffered eviscerating injuries to her lower extremity, which lead to her death shortly thereafter. The Decedent was unmarried and unemployed at the time of her death, and is survived by four adult children, two of whom lived out of state. Co-counsel Larry R. Rogers, Jr.
    Settlement: $5,500,000.00

    J.D. v. Undisclosed Hospital, 2011 L 7385 (2014 - Cook County)
    Medical Malpractice: The Plaintiff underwent sinus surgery as a remedy for recurring upper respiratory infections. Plaintiff alleged that the operating physician negligently penetrated the orbit and severed the optic nerve, several muscles and tissue supporting and controlling the Plaintiff’s right eye, resulting in partial blindness, inability to control eye movement, as well as chronic pain.
    Co-counsel Joseph A. Power, Jr.
    Settlement: $5,000,000.00

    N.W. v. Advocate (2015 - Cook County)
    Medical Malpractice: The Plaintiff’s Decedent presented to the Defendant hospital in the early morning complaining of a sickle cell crisis. Plaintiff alleged that due to a failure to properly and timely monitor and treat Plaintiff’s Decedent over the next 36 hours, the Decedent developed acute chest syndrome, which caused her death. Defendants claimed that the Decedent’s acute chest syndrome developed rapidly due to a fat embolism, and that intervention would not have prevented her death. Co-counsel Larry R. Rogers, Sr.
    Settlement: $4,750,000.00

    Estate of M.G. v. CTA, 10 L 11637 (2015 - Cook County)
    Bus Negligence: The Decedent was attempting to cross the street when she was struck by a left-turning CTA bus and ultimately run over by its rear tires. Defendants contended that Decedent was distracted and on her phone at the time of the collision. Initially, the CPD and CTA believed another vehicle was involved in the collision and that Decedent was struck by that vehicle and somehow forced under the bus as she was crossing the street on the east side of the bus’ turn. Through the use of video from a CPD camera, video from the rear of the CTA bus, and reconstruction efforts, Plaintiffs’ counsel determined that no other car was involved in the collision and that Decedent had actually been on the west side of the bus as it was making its turn, and was struck due to the phenomenon of off-tracking. Decedent was a mother of two, and was separated from her husband, the father of her first child, and living with her boyfriend, the father of her younger child. Co-counsel Thomas M. Power.
    Settlement: $4,300,000.00

    Estate of K.R. v. Children’s Memorial Hospital (2017 – Cook County)
    Wrongful Death/Medical Malpractice: The minor Decedent was born with a congenital heart defect. Plaintiffs allege that the Defendant did not obtain their consent before converting a diagnostic procedure to an interventional procedure and negligently elected to place a plug in an attempt to occlude the minor’s collateral vessel. After failing to obtain total occlusion, the Defendant placed a second, larger Plug and caused perforation of the vessel and for the minor Decedent to exsanguinate and die. Co-counsel Larry R. Rogers, Jr.
    Settlement: $3,000,000.00

    Estate of C.D. v. University of Chicago Hospitals (2016 – Cook County)
    Wrongful Death/Medical Malpractice: In June 2014, Decedent was treated in the University of Chicago Hospital's emergency room, but was discharged without being told that she had a mass in her right lung. In March 2015, Decedent was diagnosed with cancer in her right lung. She succumbed to the disease on July 28, 2015 at age 80 (survived by her husband and three adult children). Lawsuit alleged delay in diagnosis/treatment of her lung cancer. Co-counsel Larry R. Rogers, Jr.
    Settlement: $2,500,000.00

    D.L. v. Area Hospital (2017 – Cook County)
    Medical Malpractice/Birth Injury: Plaintiffs’ alleged that the decedent physician failed to recognize the presence of a shoulder dystocia, despite numerous risk factors including the application of a vacuum at a high station, and applied excessive downward traction in order to effectuate the delivery, thereby causing the baby to supper a permanent brachial plexus injury. Defendants disputed the presence of a shoulder dystocia and maintained that Plaintiff’s injuries were the result of the internal forces of labor. Co-counsel Pamela Pantages of Nurenberg Paris
    Verdict: $2,000,000.00

    Estate of L.B. v. Westlake Hospital (2016 – Cook County)
    Wrongful Death/Medical Malpractice: The Decedent died from a pulmonary embolism eight days after undergoing surgery at Westlake Hospital allegedly because she did not receive appropriate anticoagulation medication post-operatively. Plaintiff alleged that the Defendant care providers failed to appreciate the patient's risk factors for developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism. Defense argued that pharmacologic intervention was not necessary because the patient was ambulating adequately post-operatively. Co-counsel Larry R. Rogers, Sr.
    Settlement: $2,000,000.00

    Estate of B.C. v. Rush University Medical Center (2016 – Cook County)
    Wrongful Death/Medical Malpractice: Plaintiffs allege that Decedent was admitted for a routine hip replacement surgery. During his post-operative, inpatient treatment, his care providers failed to recognize the presence of an ileus and, after Decedent began to experience difficulty breathing, the anesthesia service attempted an intubation but failed to protect Decedent's airway, which caused Decedent to go into cardiac arrest and pass away. Co-counsel Larry R. Rogers, Jr.
    Settlement: $1,500,000.00

    City of Marseilles v. Ingram Barge (2016 – LaSalle County)
    Maritime/Property Damage: The City of Marseilles, Illinois suffered severe flood damage after barges owned and operated by Ingram Barge Company allided with the Marseilles dam on the Illinois River, adjacent to the City center, which impeded the flow of water through the dam and caused significant flood damage to sewer, roads, and other City property.
    Settlement: $1,200,000.00

    G.C. v. Menard, Inc., 09 L 15647 (2012 – Cook County)
    Premises: The Plaintiff fell and suffered a severe fracture to her humerus requiring a partial shoulder replacement after tripping over an unseen hazard in the cart corral of a Menards home improvement store. Co-counsel Thomas M. Power.
    Verdict: $425,048.25

    R.J. v. Vito Migliore, 11 L 3572 (2012 – Cook County)
    Auto: The Plaintiff, a 50 year-old male, was riding his bicycle in a designated bike lane on Southport Avenue when he was struck by Defendant's vehicle, which was making a left turn into a CVS parking lot. The Plaintiff sustained injuries including a dislocated shoulder and rotator cuff repair. Co-counsel Joseph W. Balesteri.
    Settlement: $240,000.00

    M.B. v. 1420 Sheridan Condo. Corp., 13 L 0883 (2013 – Cook County)
    Negligence: The Plaintiff, a 93 year-old female, was pushed and caused to fall to the ground when she was struck by a luggage cart that was being pushed instead of pulled by a doorman at a condominium building. The Plaintiff suffered a non-displaced proximal humerus fracture in her dominant arm. Co-counsel Todd A. Smith.
    Settlement: $100,000.00

  • Education

    • J.D., Loyola University Chicago School of Law, 2011
    • B.S., University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2006
  • Memberships

    • American Association for Justice
    • American Bar Association
    • Illinois State Bar Association
    • Illinois Trial Lawyers Association
    • Women's Bar Association
  • Honors & Awards

    • 2017 – Women’s Bar Association of Illinois’ Service Award for outstanding service to the organization in fulfillment of its mission to promote and protect the rights of women and women lawyers.
    • 2014-2018 Illinois Super Lawyers Rising Star: a distinction that is limited to fewer than 2.5% of the attorneys in Illinois and awarded according to a polling of lawyers practicing in Illinois.
    • Emerging Lawyers 2016 2015-2018 Emerging Lawyer: those identified by their peers as the top lawyers, a title bestowed on less than 2% of all lawyers licensed in Illinois.
    • 2014 ITLA President's Award: Individuals are recognized by the outgoing ITLA President for outstanding performance in service of ITLA over the past year.
    • 2012 William J. Harte Amicus Volunteer Award: Individuals are recognized for their dedicated volunteer service and professional efforts on behalf of the ITLA Amicus Curiae Committee in preparing legal briefs before the Illinois Supreme and Appellate Courts.

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