Wrongful Death Law FAQ

Chicago Wrongful Death Attorneys

Understanding how to protect your future is key after an accident in which you lost a loved one. Speak with Power, Rogers & Smith, L.L.P. about your case. Our team of Chicago wrongful death lawyers can answer your questions and provide guidance. Below are some of our most commonly received questions. To learn more, contact our Chicago office at (312) 313-0202 and set up a free case evaluation.

What is a wrongful death action?

When someone you love dies as the result of wrongful conduct or negligence, you have the right to file accidental wrongful death lawsuit. The death of a family member is especially upsetting when it is caused by the careless behavior of another individual. For many people who are mourning the death of loved ones, the thought of taking legal action is far from their minds. However, a wrongful death lawsuit can help cover the costs of funeral arrangements, medical bills, lost income, and other necessary expenses stemming from your loved one's death. Attorneys who focus on wrongful death law in Chicago can examine your case and determine if legal action is appropriate.

What types of wrongful death cases does Power Rogers & Smith accept?

A wrongful death can be the result of many different accidents including, but not limited to, the following:

The pain and suffering caused by a wrongful death is often unbearable and it can take several years for a family to recover from the tragedy. In addition to emotional pain, a wrongful death can create financial difficulties. Power Rogers & Smith can assist your family in recovering compensation to pay for medical bills, funeral costs, and other expenses. We cover all of the case types listed above and more.

Is this a criminal case?

No. A wrongful death lawsuit is a civil lawsuit, which allows you to file an action for money damages against the individual or individuals who caused your family harm. Civil actions are handled in a different court with different rules and laws than criminal courts. Skilled litigators, like the team of attorneys at Power Rogers & Smith, can assess your case and determine the best plan for successfully securing compensation.

What kind of lawyer should I hire for my wrongful death action?

If you plan on taking legal action in regards to a Chicago accidental death, you must hire experienced counsel. The Chicago wrongful death attorneys at Power Rogers & Smith have decades of experience handling wrongful death cases. We understand the importance of properly calculating wrongful death damages in order to maximize our client's recovery.