Airplane Accident Attorneys

Aviation Injury Litigation in Chicago, Illinois

The complex nature of aviation accident litigation means that these cases require the oversight of an experienced attorney. With a background of excellence and commitment and a long history of successful case results, our team at Power, Rogers & Smith, L.L.P. can represent your interests effectively. Read the following answers to key questions regarding aviation litigation, and be sure to contact our office at (312) 313-0202 to set up a free case evaluation with our team of Chicago personal injury lawyers.

What should I do if I am in an airplane accident?

If you or your loved one are involved in an airplane accident in the United States or overseas, you should always call an experienced aviation accident legal professional who can demonstrate a proven record of success taking on large corporations. Aviation law is complex and aviation accident legal advice is critical to navigate the legal system and the various federal, state, and even international agencies that collect necessary evidence relating to aviation accidents.

Do I need an attorney to pursue an airplane accident case?

Yes. Airplane accident cases require sophisticated investigation, evidence gathering, and case evaluation, for several reasons:

  • Aviation accident legal professionals have in-depth knowledge of various federal, state, and even international regulations and authorities that are responsible for investigating airplane accidents and collecting crucial data that can aid a litigant's case.
  • An aviation accident attorney understands aviation accident law and has the resources and skills necessary to take on the large corporations that may be responsible for airplane crashes.
  • An aviation accident attorney knows how to evaluate a case and how to determine who was negligent.
  • Aviation accident attorneys, such as those at Power Rogers & Smith, are skilled in delivering aviation accident legal advice and have the determination and the resources necessary to fight and win complex airplane accident cases.

What kind of attorney should I hire for my airplane accident action?

When confronted with an airplane accident, it is important to get aviation accident legal advice from an experienced aviation accident legal professional as soon as possible. An aviation accident attorney not only knows the relevant law and procedure but also has the necessary resources to take on large corporations and successfully litigate the matter. An experienced aviation accident attorney at Power Rogers & Smith can assist you with your airplane accident case.