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Power Rogers & Smith - Chicago, IL Law Firm

When looking for a personal injury lawyer Chicago residents can rely on Powers Rogers & Smith.

Named in Chicago Lawyer magazine as the “No. 1 Plaintiff’s Law Firm in Chicago,” the personal injury law firm of Power Rogers & Smith has been recognized for many years as the leader in Illinois injury law. Since 2000, Power Rogers & Smith has been the annual leader in settlements throughout the state five times—more than any other personal injury lawyer Chicago firm in Illinois.

Each individual personal injury lawyer Chicago expert at Power Rogers & Smith takes their leadership role seriously. With unmatched passion and dedication, the name partners as Power Rogers & Smith, Joseph A. Power, Jr., Larry R. Rogers, Sr. and Todd A. Smith have built a powerhouse medical malpractice law firm in Chicago. All three founding partners are listed in the respected guide The Best Lawyers in America. The determined and skilled attorneys at Power Rogers & Smith will work hard defending the rights of malpractice victims.

Year after year, influential state and national publications have voted Power Rogers & Smith as one of the top law firms. Our Chicago-based law firm has won record-setting personal injury verdicts and settlements for its seriously injured clients. Known as the personal injury law firm that never backs down, Power Rogers & Smith has recovered more than $3 billion for its clients in its 25-year history.

Acting as you personal injury lawyer representative, we serve many different kinds of accidents and injuries. Our firm represents personal injury victims in catastrophic injury and wrongful death claims arising from aviation disasters, automobile accidents, construction accidents, product malfunctions, brain injuries, birth injuries and all other forms of medical malpractice.

A Reputation for Success

Known for taking the toughest cases, the personal injury lawyers at the Chicago wrongful death law firm of Power, Rogers & Smith always welcome a challenge and thrive on hard work. Our law firm is known to consistently take on the most difficult and demanding personal injury cases. Power Rogers & Smith recovered in excess of $118 million in 2010 alone, and $75 million in 2009 for its clients in serious injury and wrongful death cases.

The injury law firm's influential and successful partners have won numerous awards from civic and professional organizations. Committed to advancing the public good by fighting the tough fight on behalf of the working person, our Chicago malpractice attorneys are known as tireless advocates for middle-class working men and women—the people who now are finding it harder and harder to get access to the court system.

Fighting the hard fight for more than a quarter of a century, the dedicated law firm of Power Rogers & Smith has won the heart of Chicago, the respect of the bar and the admiration of their clients and the media.

If you have suffered as the result of an accident or malpractice, you'll need a personal injury lawyer Chicago residents rely on. Please call the offices of Power Rogers & Smith law firm at 312-236-9381 today to discuss your case.

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